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WIZARD OF ODD                    

Devised by Ryan Pater                         

Lincoln Center Education 2014


The inaugural devised work of Oh Force! Theater Co. exploring our relationship to smart technology through the eyes of six clowns attempting to perform a live production of Wizard of Oz. Performed at Lincoln Center Education as well as in the Lincoln Center Atrium as part of their “meet the artist” series.



Written by Ari Itkin and Developed by Ryan Pater, Betsey Brown, Ari Itkin, Harry Poster                                       

Secret Theater NYC 2015


Developed through our Bungalow reading series beginning in 2013, Daisies; a comedy about death… was written by co-artistic director Ari Itkin and produced by Ryan Pater incorporating a vignette structure with musical transitions all exploring death, loss, and mourning with pleasure.



Devising process led by Ryan Pater, Betsey Brown, Ari Itkin                                           

UNCSA 2016


In residence at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts summer residency program Oh Force! Theater

Co., led by Ryan Pater, engaged four senior acting students in a devised process inspired by Buchner’s Woyzeck.



TELEPHONE PLAY                                    

Written by Alice Pencavel and Devised by Ryan Pater                                          

Kymberlee Project 2016


A theatrical experiment involving eight actors, one script, and a large game of theatrical telephone. Audiences were privy to the observation of a one-act play transforming through a large game of telephone from one pair of actors to the next culminating in a sharing of the original script at the end from start to finish.



Devised by Ryan Pater                       

Dixon Place NYC 2017


Devised work created by Ryan Pater with an ensemble of six exploring Plato’s Allegory of the Cave using stylized movement, nonverbal story-telling and clowning.



PRESENTS OF PAIN                                    

Written by Ryan Pater and Directed by Andrew Wells Ryder                         

Manhattan Repertory Theater 2018


A one-act play for two clowns written by Ryan Pater. Two clowns face each other after a mysterious traumatic event neither can acknowledge.


WILD AND WARM                                    

Written and performed by Ryan Pater and Daniel Emond                                     

Spotify 2019


A ten-track freak folk record written and recorded by Ryan Pater and his musical partner, Daniel Emond. Can be

found on Spotify under the band’s name Lion and Spaniel. Recorded at Vitruvian Sound. 


WYCK LIVE                                                 

Devised by Kyle Metzger and Ryan Pater   

Wyck Historic House 2021


A devised site specific performance mixing history, fantasy, and the absurd. Created in collaboration Ryan and Kyle led an ensemble of eleven on a devised process inspired by the history and architecture of Wyck House to create a free event for the Germantown community to begin healing after a year of isolation.



Devised and performed by Ryan Pater, Carlton Ward, Kenyon Meleney             

Arts Bank at UArts 2021


The culminating thesis of the Devised Performance MFA at the Pig Iron School. A sci-fi clown romp through an opening ceremony for a machine that will fix the world’s problems only to cause a few more. 

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