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Teaching Experience

For the past ten years I have worked as a teaching artist, theater facilitator, and performer in public schools, prisons, arts conservatories, universities, and community centers. I find my work as a theater artist and educator to be vital in every space where collaboration is necessary. My work is easily transposed to train highly skilled professionals as well as non-performers seeking to heighten their awareness of performance energy in whatever field they are in. 

Teaching Resume

  • Lincoln Center Education

  • Stuttering Association for the Young

  • North Carolina School of the Arts

  • University of the Arts

  • Buildabridge International

  • Kimmel Center Inc.


  • NYC Department of Corrections

  • Theater Horizon

  • ASAP Drama

  • Brooklyn Acting Lab

  • iCanHouse

Teaching Philosophy


My work as a teacher is delicate, playful, and practical. I facilitate my students in a creative process that primes their bodies, minds, and imaginations to walk onstage with an ease only a playful rigor can provide. In my training at the Pig Iron School, I have been immersed in the teachings of Jacques Lecoq. I have begun the process of synthesizing his objective observations of the natural world and their effect on the body with that of the Stanislavski-based psychological realism. My goal is to train theater artists in full cultivating a three-dimensional relationship with their work, begging questions of their audiences, and offering worlds that are seen, breathed in, and embodied.


Living in these tumultuous and exciting times means my work as a teacher needs to clear, sensitive, and open. Inclusivity is at the core of what I do, and I am prepared to continue to learn how to reinvent the structures of theater training to create a radically safe environment for creation. 

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